The Power of Persuasion

If you're an online shopper like I am, you know all about the power of persuasion.

I like to joke that I'm the person companies are targeting when they come up with jingles and witty marketing campaigns. Because I'm the person who can still remember every word of the Goldfish jingle from 2nd grade.

But more than puns and quick humor, it's repetition that'll sell an audience. You tell a person they need something enough times, they're going to believe it. (Either that, or they'll get so tired of hearing it that they'll give in just to make it stop lol).

But riddle me this: If we're so pliable when it comes to our perception of a product, why are we less so when it comes to our perception of ourselves?

If enough people told you that you were smart or beautiful or kind or bold or confident, shouldn't you believe them after enough iterations?

And even more so, if you told yourself enough times, shouldn't you believe it, too?

Yet somehow we don't. Somehow our ability to be persuaded ends at the limits of our own self-worth.

And trust me, I'm not preaching here. I have the same self-imposed limitations. I think we all do. I imagine much of it stems from society telling us not to be too confident or too bold or, heaven forbid, too passionate.

But that mindset has to shift. 

I, for one, don't want to come to the end of my life, look back, and think, "Man, I should've believed them earlier. They were right."

And furthermore, you're right. You know better than anyone how amazing you are. So tell yourself. Every day. Until you believe it. Persuade yourself.

Because, by golly, you're everything you know you are. 

And more.

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