I Am Hungry.

When I introduced Note to Self™ Apparel to my girlfriends this weekend, I mentioned my vision to collaborate with other talented women across the country.

Once such woman is my cake baking goddess bestie, Ashley of LivingBeaUTAHfully.

After the unveiling, she had jokingly scolded me for not listing her as a potential collab, to which I responded, "Oh yeah, the shirt'll say 'I Am Hungry,' and it'll have cake smashed across its front."

It was a comic exchange, but it inadvertently got me thinking about the phrase "I Am Hungry." 

having a strong desire or craving.
"he was hungry for any kind of excitement"
synonyms: eager, keen, avid, longing, yearning, aching, pining


While I am, indeed, pretty much always hungry, I'm also hungry for life.

We women need that energy, that fire, that hunger.

If we don't have it, it's an indicator that we're not on the correct path, and we should probably consider a change of course. 

I'm not talking about contentment or happiness, either; rather, a passion for life and a joie de vivre. A hunger. We're not always guaranteed to be happy, but we can make sure we're hungry for all the world has to offer. That way, even in the darkest of moments, we will have a flicker of light to keep us grounded and going. Always moving. Always pushing forward.


So even though it all started in jest, turns out it's an important message:  I Am Eager. I Am Strong. I Am Hungry.


Stay hungry, girl! You got this!



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