I Am Here.

I will lose 20 pounds.

I will stop drinking soda.

I will shop less.

All too often statements like these become our New Year's resolutions. But notice one thing about them: They are all negative.

Sure, they're positive sentiments, but they're stated in a way that implies we need to be something more than we already are.

Don't get me wrong; I think we should always be improving ourselves. But I think sustained improvement comes from knowing your worth. Specifically, it comes from a sense of value and gratitude.

Think about it. We can tell ourselves every day that we should be skinnier. But if we aren't grateful for our bodies and all they can do, we will inevitably fall short of our goal -- because the result will not mean anything.

We can tell ourselves that, in theory, soda isn't good for us. But if we do not value our bodies enough to protect them, we will succumb to instant gratification over sustained health.

And we can acknowledge that overspending or impulsive shopping could damage relationships and financial stability, but if we are attempting to fill a void left by a lack of self-worth, we will continue the habit.

We are so lucky to wake up every day with the same opportunity to choose: I am here, and I am able.

So this year, instead of talking ourselves out of bad habits, why not adopt a little self-worth? Rather than scolding ourselves for being less than, why not remind ourselves that we are worth self-care and healthy habits? 

This year, make it a point to tell yourself:

I am here.

I am able.

I am enough. 



Happy New Year, all! Make this the best year yet!



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